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Effective Volunteer Recruitment:

Positioning Your Program for Success

  • Your online source for reaching new target populations for your volunteer program
  • Learn from Lori Gotlieb, one of Canada’s leading experts on volunteer management
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Effective Volunteer Recruitment: Positioning Your Program for Success

Presented by: Lori Gotlieb

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Competition for good volunteers is stronger than ever before, and with shrinking resources, Administrators of Volunteer Programs must reach out to new target populations and use innovative recruitment methods. This comprehensive e-learning suite provides solid information for both new and experienced Administrators.

About the trainer: Lori Gotlieb is the National Manager of Volunteer Resources for The Arthritis Society, and principal of her own consulting firm. A community and corporate resource expert in volunteerism, Lori is an internationally published author and workshop facilitator. Lori is also content editor for the International Journal of Volunteer Management. She has worked in a variety of social service sectors in volunteer management.

Price: $169.00

Module 1: Volunteer Recruitment Fundamentals

2 parts (2hrs 04mins) |
Presented by: Lori Gotlieb
This two-part module will provide a solid foundation in volunteer recruitment and marketing, you will learn:@@@MoreBegin@@@


• what motivates people to volunteer
• characteristics of various types of volunteers,

  and how to work successfully with each type
• volunteer program essentials you should have in place

  before you begin recruiting
• the 5 “P’s” of marketing, and how they apply to your recruitment efforts
• from Facebook to bulletin boards: various marketing techniques

  and how to use each one effectively
• the importance of brand identity
• the cost of recruitment

This presentation is appropriate for those new to the field, or those who want to refresh their skills in recruitment fundamentals

Price: $69.00

Module 2: Recruiting Baby Boomers

1 part (44mins) |
Presented by: Lori Gotlieb

If you are seeking engaged volunteers who bring a multitude of skills and networks, then this presentation is for you! Lori will cover:.

• the characteristics of boomer volunteers
• the types of roles that appeal to boomers
• challenges you need to consider
• where to look for boomers, and how to ask
• how to keep them engaged

Price: $39.00

Module 3: Building Corporate Volunteer Programs

1 part (52mins) |
Presented by: Lori Gotlieb

This presentation provides an excellent background for those who want to learn more about developing a corporate volunteer program. Lori will cover:

• the unique characteristics of corporate volunteer programs
• the advantages and challenges (for you and the corporation)
• what your corporate partner and their employees will expect from you
• steps to building a corporate volunteer program
• effective recognition for corporate volunteers

Price: $39.00

Module 4: Recruiting Youth Volunteers

1 part (56mins) |
Presented by: Lori Gotlieb

Youth volunteers bring a mix of passion, creativity and energy! If you’re looking for volunteers who are keen to contribute (and may grow into adult volunteers and donors) then join us for this presentation. Lori will cover:

• the unique qualities and benefits of youth volunteers
• what youth volunteers are looking for
• challenges of youth volunteers
• strategic recruitment techniques for youth
• effectively recognizing their contributions

Price: $39.00

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